Thursday, November 19, 2009

Let me tell you about my day...

First, I have been taking my friend Delilah's son to school some mornings. Sometimes, I just laugh at the things the 3 boys talk about in the back of the car. This morning, as we were getting ready to walk out the door the conversation went something like this:

JACOB: "Jude, are you going to play with Aidan on the playground today or are you going to chase Emma?""
JUDE: Don't you remember what I said about Monday?"
(at this time he sees me looking so I turn away and he finishes)
..."Remember I told you she wants a break from being chased until Monday"
JACOB: "Oh.."
JUDE: "But there are 3 other girls in my class that want me to chase them."
It was so funny...they are in first grade!

Then, I get them off to school and it's time for the handy man to be here. Firs,t let me back up and tell you, he cancelled on Wednesday when Bill was home and today when Bill is 4 hours away in Michigan somewhere, do you think this project is going to go smooth? Of course not! He makes a cut in the wall and starts removing plaster just to find heat ducts! Why no one thought of that before...I don't know??? So, obviously our simple project just got so much harder. Here I am freaking out (really I was), I can't get in touch with Bill and this man says to me "Well, there isn't anything I can do but patch up the hole and get out of your way" ...Oh no, that wasn't going to happen we did not rearrange our kitchen for this project to be over before it got started. So, after an hour and a half of brainstorming, we came up will a new plan but, will Bill like it? I can't give him the green light without my husband...can I? No, that would be wrong...or would it? So, I finally talk to Bill and he says "Sounds good, go ahead and do it" Really? That simple? Had I known that I would have told the handyman to go ahead 3 hours earlier and it would have been started. But instead, he has to come back tomorrow. Anyway, wish me luck my kids are all off school tomorrow and it should be interesting.
Finally, I had parent teacher conferences tonight. Bill and I have always been afraid of Jacob having behavior problems in school but his teacher said that he is a well behaved child, very respectful, and is doing very well academically. Joshua is having a few struggles but nothing to worry about. They think it's because of his ear tubes and the fact that he couldn't hear well without them. He is just a step behind but with a little work he will be back on track.
Stay tuned for pictures of the project...

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