Thursday, February 19, 2009

Andy's stay with us

This past weekend Jacob brought home the classroom bear "Andy." The kids take turns caring for the bear. He comes with a backpack full of clothes. We had to write a story about the things he did while staying with us. We also had to take some pictures and I thought I would share them with you...

This is Andy in his bed we made for him out of a cardboard box, Jacob's baby blankets, and even a stuffed dog!

Jacob and Andy

Here they are playing playdough and action figures.

Eating pizza.

And don't forget about homework.

Andy had a very busy weekend here. His clothes got changed a lot (my kids do not have any toys with changeable clothes so this was exciting for them). He went to church, watched a movie or two, and a whole bunch of lovin' from Isaiah. By the end of the weekend I am sure he was ready to go back to school and off to the next house where it probably is a little quieter.

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marcia said...

i love your blog. :-)