Friday, February 27, 2009

They really are listening...

Sometimes I wonder if my kids listen to me. But when I hear them talk I know they are.
I have been babysitting for my neighbor. They have a 17 month old little girl. She is just learning to talk and Isaiah thinks that if she can talk like that so can he. The other day, I was taking the kids to school and I had the baby with me and she was just blabbing away. Isaiah looked at her and said "Stop talking like a baby, I don't like it" Hmmm? Where did he hear that?
Then, yesterday on our same drive to school we were going past Tyler's school and Joshua yells "Tyler! You better get your grades up!!!" I have never said that. Okay, maybe a couple times. So, maybe they are listening to me afterall.

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Anonymous said...

oh gosh... that is so funny ... kids are sure "sponges"...they absorb every single thing!