Wednesday, February 22, 2012


Growing up my dad never really knew his dad. I am not sure of all the details and none of it really matters. People do what they do and they have their reasons and its not for me to judge.
My dad never thought his dad wanted anything to do with him and we come to find out over the years grandpa was afraid of rejection too.
I remember when I was 16 I had a strong desire to find my grandfather. I wanted to know if he was alive. I wanted him to know he had grandkids. I wanted to know him.
So, I set off on a mission...
I wrote a letter to his sister to see if she had known where he was. I wasn't sure what kind of response I was going to get. I prepared myself for the worst but what I got was an answered prayer.
I remember the day the phone rang, one of my brothers answered then yelled,
How embarrassing!
Then I hear the voice on the other end say,
"I hear you are looking for your grandfather?"
"Well, I am your grandfather."
Tears flowed like water.
I couldn't believe it!
He was alive and he called me.
For years he had felt that his family would reject him. Afraid they wouldn't forgive him for what he did.
As the conversation went on I learned he had remarried, where he was living, and how he would love to meet us.
"I wish my dad was home so he could talk to you."
He never thought my dad would return that phone call but he did.
23 years ago my dad reunited with his dad. It had been decades since he last saw him but now their relationship is complete again.
My grandpa will be 91 this year. It has been a blessing to get to know him. It has been great to know my dad has filled a void.
I love stories with happy endings.

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