Sunday, August 19, 2012

I guess you never know...

when somebody is following you!
Not stalking or creeping just following...
your blog that is. 
I was at a football game for Joshua on Saturday and bumped into an old family friend. My mom and her have been friends since the seventh grade! Talk about a long friendship! 
She mentioned that I hadn't blogged in a long time and to tell you the true, I didn't think anyone really read it anyway. Blogging has always been more for me. A way to express myself, something for my kids to read when they get older to remember how crazy they made me!
Anyway, it made me think about my friends. I have found friends through Facebook that I knew in fourth grade! If we had only stayed in touch what an incredible friendship that could have been!  
I have good friends, I really do. I am thankful for them all in their own special way. They have all touched my life in a way that is unique. I have friends who knew me back when and still love me today. I have friends who never forget important days or events in my life. I have friends who take time out of their schedule to spend time with me when I need them.
So, I want to take the time to thank my friends. Thank you for making me important to you! I look forward to the laughter, I am ready for the tears, and cherish all the memories!
Thank you Peggy for the nudge I needed. I look forward to the day my friends and I can look back and say, "I remember when your daughter used to suck her thumb and twirl her hair around her finger."

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