Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Life's about changes...

This week started a new phase in my life.
I am home alone for the first time in eleven years! I can't stand the quiet some days but on the bright side I have been able to complete some jobs that really needed done.
This year my oldest baby started his senior year. I can not believe it, just yesterday I was holding my baby boy. Now, with a full beard :-/ he is in his last year of high school! This year will be hard for me, I would keep them babies forever. I hope I have done all I could to get him ready for the next chapter in his life!

 My youngest baby has started first grade! He will be seven soon, I guess I must have blinked because I  don't know how this happened either! Joshua started third grade and Jacob is now in fourth grade. Just to think middle school is right around the corner makes me cringe! 
Minutes, hours, days, then years...
Life never seems to slow down.
I read somewhere not too long ago to slow down, enjoy your kids where they are they won't be there long. Oh, how I know this is true...
Almost eighteen years has past since I first became a mom never once do I ever remember wanting my kids to hurry and grow up. It happens soon enough!
I love you Tyler, Jacob, Joshua, and Isaiah!!!
Remember no matter how old you are you will always be my babies! There will never be anything you can do to change that! 

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