Tuesday, February 7, 2012

He's gonna have to deal with it!

I can't tell you the times that people have said to me they can't tell Jacob and Joshua apart. I've heard about their strong genes. They have been thought to be twins.
The older they get and the closer in height they get, I can see where it could be confusing.
Joshua, for the past few days, has been into doing his hair in a mohawk. He is so excited to have his own bottle of "glue" and does most of the work by himself. This morning, however, Jacob wanted to have a mohawk too. I am fine with it, it's a passing craze just like everything else! Joshua had the biggest fit! He insisted that he did not want Jacob to look like him and why Jacob couldn't just think of his own hairstyle blah, blah, blah...
I said, "Son, have you ever looked in the mirror? Have your teachers ever called you by the wrong name? You both look alike, you might as well accept it!" The argument went on for the next ten minutes or so. I didn't quite understand what the big deal was, they're brothers they are going to look alike!
I tell them to get their shoes and coats on we have to get to school. I walk outside and they are playing basketball. I later find out that they are making a deal. If Jacob loses, he is not allowed to wear his hair in a mohawk again. If Joshua loses, Jacob is allowed to wear his hair any way he wants. Sounds like they have it all worked out but I promise, this will not end good.
So, the funny part of this whole thing is they were wearing the EXACT same outfits this morning. When I mentioned that fact, "I don't care about that!" is the reply I got.
Who can figure it?
One of these days, they are going to get along.
One of these days they will take it as a compliment that they look alike.
One of these days...

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