Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Starting to think it is me!

Some of you have heard this but for those who have not...

I am starting to think that I am the one with issues. As you know, we have a swimming pool in our back yard. It is 18 feet across and 4 feet deep and a big responsibility. A couple weeks ago, we allowed 4 extra neighborhood kids to go swimming. Bill was home and said it was okay, he would help keep an eye on them. Well, I have no problem with these kids using the pool, I only ask that one of the parents come sit and help watch their kids. I didn't think it was unreasonable...I wouldn't expect someone to watch my kids in the water without me. So, this past weekend, we were going to have a lazy, sit by the pool, family Saturday when these kids show up, they find out we are swimming and they go home and change into their swim suits! I tell them about our "new rule" and they go home and come back without a parent. They tell us their parents are too busy and can't watch them but said they are allowed to go in the pool. Bill, being nicer than me says, it's fine but only because he is there. I said I didn't like that because throughout the week he is not there! Anyway, they hop in the pool and their mother shows up and says to me why are they in the pool I thought they weren't allowed? I told her Bill said he would help but when he is not here it is too hard for me to handle all the kids by myself. She then says that if it is too much trouble send them home, but she doesn't see the problem because she has a trampoline and has had up to seven kids on it and she has watched them all by herself. I said if that is okay with you and you want the responsibility then that is your choice. Then, she says would you like my husband and I to sign a waiver releasing you from all responsibility? WHAT!?!? I simply ended the conversation with today is fine but next time someone needs to be here to help watch THEIR kids.

I am glad my kids have friends and I am okay with them coming over but all I ask don't take advantage of my generosity. Swimming is not like playing on the swing set it is a bigger responsibility and a huge liability! We are willing to let them swim...just asking for a little help!


Natalie said...

No it is not you! Some parent's just don't care. They will do anything to get their kids out of their hair for a little while, even if it means putting their child's life at risk and being inconsiderate of other families. So with that being said I will be by to drop off my kids around 11 am tomorrow so I can go shopping. You don't mind feeding them lunch do you? JK :)

marcia said...

wow... no sherry; it's not you. your hands are full enough.