Thursday, June 18, 2009

Off the radar?

...yes I was!
Where has the last week gone? Let me give you a recap...
Joshua had surgery last Thursday. He had tubes put in his ears and his tonsils out. He was miserable and is just now starting to feel better believe it or not. On Friday, he told me this "Mom, I was sitting on a bed and the lady rolled me away from my dad and I kept crying and yelling for my dad and she wouldn't bring me back to him!" (Let me tell you I was crying my eyes out!) My poor son was traumatized!
Friday was pretty much "Take Care of Joshua Day" Bill took Jacob to work, Tyler helped with Isaiah, and I waited on my son.
Saturday, we did a little shopping just to get out of the house. That night we were going to have a hot dog roast with the kids but the weather didn't cooperate so we postponed.
Sunday, after church, we had the neighborhood kids over to swim (7 kids under 7 in the pool, don't ask). Then we roasted hot dogs and marshmallows.
Monday, I left to go camping with my mom and dad in Pennsylvania. We got back on Wednesday. We had a good time. The kids love to camp. We have been talking about investing in a camper sometime in the near future. I think it would be fun.
Well, I just wanted to fill you in on our week. I will be posting some pictures later but for now it is off to bed for me!

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Cassie said...

Sounds like a jam packed week! It really has been hectic! Miss you!