Friday, June 19, 2009

The firetruck park...

Last week, I ventured out and about with the kids. We went to the park. I like to call it the firetruck park, that is not the name of it but people know what I am talking about. It has a little "mock" city the boys rode their bikes around. Here are some of the pictures I took...

Isaiah is always putting his helmet on backwards. I think it is so funny!

Yes, that is Tyler riding the tricycle, with Isaiah chasing him! I told him I was going to post this picture, he didn't believe me!
They stopped at "HANDEL'S" to have some ice cream!
Not sure what the point of this thing is but Isaiah had fun on it!
Can he make it all the way across? No, not yet!
An updated version of a teeter totter.
Jacob hanging around.
Joshua also hanging.
Finally, lunch on the river.
If only Isaiah was looking this would be a good picture to frame!


marcia said...

that's SO cute!!! ... where is that "playground"???

Sherry said...

In Stow on Fishcreek.

Cassie said...

It's still a great picture to put in a frame! I have not been to that park since they put that awesome stuff in. Connor would love to ride his bike there. We need to go soon!!!