Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Last night...

We were sitting here visiting with Jon and watching the Cavs. Bill asked when I planned on putting kids to bed, I told him at halftime. It was 8:30ish and then I wouldn't have to miss any of the game...right? Well, about 50 seconds before halftime Isaiah comes down the stairs with his blankets and pillow (like he does everyday) but this time he slips on the second to last step. He falls backwards and hits his head on the edge of the hardwood step. He is screaming and you can see the bump on the back of his head getting bigger. I am about to pass out because I am no good with this kind of stuff (something tells me I need to toughen up). Anyway, I get the rest of the kids in bed and Bill starts the car to go to hospital because I am freaking out. In the meantime, Isaiah calms down. He took some Tylenol and held ice on his head for a little while. We decided against the hospital when he got up and was acting like his normal self (like nothing ever happened). We kept him up for a long time to make sure he was okay. Thank God he is fine. Having a house full of boys there is a lot of wrestling and horseplay, I get so mad because they do not realize how fast someone can get hurt. Accidents happen so quick.
This morning, I wanted to check the bump out and he got so mad at me and said "Don't touch it, it doesn't hurt anymore!" So, I think he is going to be just fine.

At least with all the excitement, the Cavs ended up winning!


marcia said...

thank God. but sheesh .... there you are trying to have nice "cavs" sort of night. ... "it's always something". :-)

go cavs! (go lebron!!!!!!!!)

Cassie said...

Ugh! I'm a wuss. I always think the worst!! So glad he's ok