Sunday, March 29, 2009

A day in the life

I can't believe Spring Break is over and school starts tomorrow. Somebody asked me today if I had any big plans for the week and I said no just the normal craziness that is involved.

My mornings are crazy! Tyler has to be at school by 7:55. He is old enough to walk but when the weather is nasty, I like to take him. If Bill is in town, he can take him if not, it's me and the 3 younger boys who take him. Then it is back home to quickly finish getting the other kids ready because Jacob has to be at school by 8:35 and Joshua by 8:45. Jacob has to be picked up at 11:40 so by the time I get back from Joshua's school, Isaiah and I have about 2 and 1/2 hours to ourselves. I usually get a load of laundry in, an episode (or two) of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse and maybe a chance to finish my coffee before it's time to go again. We leave to get Jacob and we have to get home because Joshua's bus drops him off at 12:30. Then it's lunch, dishes, naps, more laundry, maybe dust or sweep, the bathroom needs touched up, the dog needs to go out, did I make my bed yet? What is for dinner? When can I check "facebook" or write a blog? I have given up on ever catching up with "The Young and the Restless" Oh, wait 3 o'clock time to pick up Tyler (unless he walks)! Then it's time to start dinner, break up a few "wrestling" matches, don't forget talking on the phone and taking Isaiah to the bathroom. By now, if Bill is coming home, he is walking in the door. Time for dinner, more wrestling, put the clothes away, give kids baths, get them off to bed. Finally, it's 8:30/9 o'clock, shower for me? No, Tyler first, he has school in the morning. Now, I take my shower, watch the Cavs game, American Idol, CSI, or maybe Criminal Minds with Bill for a little while then it's off to bed because 6:30 comes early.

This is just a brief example of a day in my life. Of course, I left out a few things...errands, commitments, kids sporting events, appointments, etc. Tyler has informed us that he wants to try out for football (I am not crazy about it because I don't want him to get hurt, but I will support him), that starts Monday afternoon and lasts through the summer into next school year.

As crazy as it seems...I love it. I love the opportunity to spend time with my husband and kids, to be able to see them grow, everyday is something new. Sure, I have been known to complain and I often need a break but I find it an honor to be called "mom." Some day they will not be as needy, maybe then I will take time for myself ,but I doubt it. I will be too busy missing days when I didn't even have time to comb my hair!

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Cassie said...

Holy Cow! I'm tired just reading this!