Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The rest of the story...

Thursday morning we packed up the kids and headed to Columbus. We planned on going to Cosi and then off to the zoo on Friday morning. Thursday went as planned. Cosi is a very "hands on" place and the kids really enjoyed it.

Isaiah was in waterpipe heaven! The point was to build a waterline from the wall spigot to the metal bowl. He eventually got there with a little help from daddy!

This is Tyler using a pulley to pull himself up.

They got to climb down into a submarine.

Tyler is riding the Gravity Unicyle. It was a unicyle on a tight wire that you rode back and forth from the second floor...he was a little nervous but he set aside his fear of heights and went for it!

This was another pulley and, yes, they really did lift that car!

After that it was off to the hotel for some pizza and swimming. I don't know why but my kids love to stay in hotels.
Friday morning we headed to the zoo. The weather man said it wasn't going to rain until that evening, he was wrong! We got to the zoo and decided to see the aquarium first when we came out it was pouring! So, we ran from one building to the next hoping that when we came out of one the rain would stop but, no such luck. We then went, had our hand stamped so we could reenter if we wanted and took the kids to see The Karate Kid. (I had to laugh the other day when a friend said her kids had carnival food for dinner because my kids had popcorn for lunch this day! Terrible, I know!). After the movie, the rain actually stopped so we went back to the zoo. We ended up enjoying the rest of our day that rain wasn't going to bring us down!

Oh, and by the way, we stopped and had a huge dinner on the way home! One way to guarantee your kids will finish dinner...feed them popcorn at lunch!
(Really, I don't recommend that!)

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Cassie said...

What's wrong with popcorn for lunch? It's a vegetable isn't it! Man you guys are a fun family!!!