Thursday, June 16, 2011

Where do they come up with this stuff?

Yesterday, while we driving in the truck Isaiah turns around and asks Joshua, "Are you hot?" Joshua says to him, "Do you mean the hot when you are sweating or the hot when someone thinks you're cute?" I just had to laugh.
Then today, after Safety Town, Isaiah has a coloring book that they gave him and there is a fox on the front cover. He says,"Mom, see that fox...that's what you look like!" Thank you son:)
If only....
It's funny how your dad is always better than someone else's dad. I hear them talking all the time about how strong or tough their dad is. Once, I even heard, "My dad can beat up his stepdad!" Let's play nice boys...
Since the recent tornado warnings, they have not stopped talking about how their dad has survived "like 75 tornados in his life!" I love how they look up to their dad, he is a hero in their eyes and I hope he always is.
I am working on a blog of the "Vocabulary of a Looman boy" I am not quite done with it yet, I keep think of more things they say. I am glad I started blogging to have a record of things they do.

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