Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Just a preview...

I really am not sure why I decided to start a blog but once I thought about it, I said to myself...why not? So many people I know would get a kick out of hearing what really goes on at my house and besides I can't make this stuff up.

Let me just start by saying I am a stay at home mom with four boys. Anyone who has one boy let alone four will completely understand. I love my kids and everything they bring to my life but they sure make for some good stories.

My oldest son Tyler is 13 soon to be 14. He is a teenager...need I say more? Jacob is 6 and has started kindergarten this year...he will give you alot of entertainment. Joshua is next he is 4 and in preschool, he is the tenderhearted one of the group. Finally, there is Isaiah, he will be 3 very soon and he is quite the little character.

My husband is a great guy and I am sure I will have a story or two about him at some point.

I think a good way to give you a hint of some of the stories you will read I will tell you about my morning. Sunday morning is always busy. We have one bathroom and alot of people to get ready. It always seems like when you are getting ready to walk out the door that is when you are missing a shoe, a coat, or some other item you need. So this morning when we were getting shoes on at 10:10 I knew something was going to go wrong, we couldn't really make it to church early (church starts at 10:30 and is 5 minutes away if you hit a redlight). Isaiah wanted a cup of milk, no problem, we got time. For some reason I didn't tighten the lid and he dumps it all down the front of himself...had to change his clothes, shoes and all. At the same time Joshua walks in, he tripped and landed in dog do...okay we have to get that cleaned up we still have time! I changed Isaiah, Bill cleaned the spilled milk and took care of Joshua. Then I heard the water faucet outside turn on...more dog stuff? Of course, Jacob stepped in the same pile and Tyler was hosing off his shoe. Could that be all? Were we going to be on time after all? Not quite, before Tyler noticed the dog stuff, Jacob had climbed from the back seat of the car to the front seat to help himself to a piece of gum. You guessed it dog yuck on my seat! Bill runs back into into the house to grab the wet rag (used earlier for the big milk spill). At 10:25 we pulled out of the driveway, got to church about 2 minutes late. Not to bad when you find out what took place in 15 minutes at my house.

For the record, we have one dog (I'll get into that story sometime) and she had just happened to go to the bathroom in the wrong spot this morning! She had the whole yard at her disposal who would have thought she would have picked the exact spot my kids would land.

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I signed up to be a "follower" and now my picture is on your blog...LOL.