Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Humor comes in different forms

When you think of the things we laugh at so much can be said. There are the things that cause us to laugh right away, things that are funny to only you, the things that bring a smile to your face when you think of them, and the things you (and everyone else) can laugh at later but not when it is happening.

For example, the other day Jacob and I were looking at his NickJr magazine and came across a page on idioms. I asked him if he knew what it meant when you "spilled the beans" he said "you better pick them up" or "I'm walking on eggshells" he said "make sure you don't crack them" and finally "I put my foot in my mouth" he simply said "you're eating yourself?" Okay...it was time to tell him what they really meant. Something to laugh at right away.

Isaiah is quite to little trouble maker always getting into things that he shouldn't. His big thing is pulling a chair over to the counter and getting into things that are out of his reach for a reason. One morning he dumped salt into my coffee cup I didn't know, of course, until I took a big sip. When I think about it now I smile about it.

Saturday night, after trick or treating and eating their fair share of candy, Bill was wrestling around with Isaiah. The other three were watching a movie with my brother when we hear Bill yell out in pain. NOTE: Isaiah tends to bite when he wrestles around. Bill knows that, not to long ago he had a bite mark on his leg left by the same child he decided to wrestle with that night. We all turned to look at what could have caused him so much pain to make him yell like that. Isaiah had bit him, through his jeans right on the tip of his...manhood. None of us laughed when it happened (okay maybe I snickered but it was more at his reaction). Although Bill claims it is not funny, when I hear him tell the story to a friend I know this is something we will laugh about for the rest of our lives. By the way, I have my husbands permission to share this story...teeth marks and all.

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Jake said...

I'm surprised Bill gave you permission to share that story. All funny stories that I think we can relate with.