Monday, October 27, 2008

Always the last place you look

After our big church adventure yesterday we came home to make lunch and straighten up alittle. Since we left in such a hurry we had pajamas, milky clothes, and wet shoes thrown where we left them. As Bill made lunch Tyler and I cleaned up.

My youngest two kids carry blankets around the house and they are a bedtime must. I remember before I had kids I thought it was the cutest thing when you saw a child with their blanket while you were out and about. I wanted to have a "blankie baby" too. Tyler came blanket. How about Jacob? No, that would mean he would have to take care of something. Joshua was the first but he didn't just carry a blanket, he carried two and a stuffed dog and a stuffed bear...everywhere! He would not even let me wash them without a fight. I had to do that while he was very distracted or asleep. He no longer feels the need to carry the animals around but has replaced them with a full size fleece blanket. Isaiah was alittle harder to read. It didn't start out like he was going to follow his older brother but now he is the the blanket carrier of the house. He has two small blankets that were made for him. One by my sister, last Christmas and one by a crossing guard Tyler had in first grade. Both blankets have seen better days, the corners are chewed up, the seams are ripping and they need to get washed at least every other day.

So, back to the point of this post, when blankets go missing around here it is a BIG deal. While straightening up the house I picked up Isaiah's blankets and set them on the couch until naptime, well, at naptime they were gone. Not a problem, they probably got tangled in Joshua's three blankets and were in his Okay, behind the Under the Maybe in our I looked in cupboards, in closets, under all the beds, in the washer and dryer, searched through the dirty clothes, checked in the truck, the back porch, the front porch, the bathtub, the trashcan, even the oven and dishwasher. I tore my house apart and still no blankets where in the world could they have gone? They were just on the couch before lunch. Well, luckily Isaiah fell asleep without them (he had his stuffed Mickey Mouse to distract him) but for me the mission was still on...where did those blankets go? I looked in all of the same places again, Yes, even the oven, and this time I think I even checked the refrigerator. Desperate times call for desperate measures. Time passed, the kids woke up and my baby wanted his blankets...think mom think. Dresser drawers, why didn't I check the dresser drawers? I did...the bottom two. I opened the top drawer and in there, with Joshua's underwear and socks, were Isaiah's blankets. Always the last place you look and with that being said...HAS ANYONE SEEN MY MIND?


Mandy said...

Just stopping over from "The Miller Way" to say "Hi"! Neither of my boys carried blankets but I am amazed at the lengths my sister goes through to find her daughter's blankets!

GotShirtsOhio said...

gosh, sherry! i LOVE your writing!!!... please please please keep it up. you remind me so much of my mom and my childhood (family of 8 kids, and sunday mornings, mom helping us get ready for church, with ONE bathroom... :-) ... God bless you all. - Love- marcia

Stephanie said...

Mind? Let me know if you find it maybe mine is there too!