Thursday, January 19, 2012

A little humor

Okay, how about a little funny. Life doesn't always have to be so serious!
I miss my kids being little and learning to talk. It's funny that once they learn how to say a word right they don't seem to remember saying it wrong. Here is a list of some of the funny ways they used to pronounce some words.
The vocabulary of a Looman boy...
bow-gock; backpack used for carrying kids
twinkling; what it's doing outside when it is barely raining
cheese biggles; cheeseburgers
moat; milk...duh?
hojo; another word for cereal
Bit; for some reason, was what Joshua and Isaiah called Jacob?
Oh-no; what Isaiah called Joshua
Beemah; grandma
Bampaw; grandpa
For Peeten snakes; for Pete's sake
jimming pool; the swimming pool
sha-ber-rees; batteries
skew; screw
skew-guy-ger; would be a screwdriver
I ud you; I love you
res-ter-nont; restaurant
owe owe; oil
strawbiggies; strawberries
ho-tail; hotel
glubs; gloves
ockles; waffles
heggy; heavy
bice-ee; spicy
talkie; coffee
napcan; napkin
dip dop; is a flip flop
eye bulb; eye ball
Let's not forget...
Thomas and Jerry
"put another dime in the "juice" box baby"
Oh, how I miss those days...