Wednesday, August 3, 2011

How did this happen?

I have never been a fan of football. I remember hating Sundays because I didn't wan't to waste the day watching football! It was 4 hours in front of a TV to watch grown men knock each other down.
I couldn't stand it. I got mad, had an attitude, and probably even stomped off like a big baby! I would get nasty, slam doors, turn up music, run the vacuum just to let my husband know I was irritated!
I HATED the sport!
Then, along came my Joshua and he loved the sport. It was crazy. He knew players names, numbers, and teams. He had his own favorite team, different from his dads, and he rooted for them. He would jump off the couch yelling. He would get really upset if his team didn't win. When football wasn't on TV, he was watching it on youtube. He would even watch the combine on ESPN.
So, you can only imagine that when he got old enough, he wanted to play. I have never seen him want something so much!
We signed him up this fall and, no surprise, he loves it. He looks forward to it every night. I knew he would love it but, what I didn't know was...Isaiah would want to play too! He insisted, so we signed him up.
So, here I am, the woman who despised football, at the field every night, watching my two youngest boys practice. I love to watch them. I still have a lot to learn about the game but it takes on a whole new meaning when your kids are out there. Sure, you cringe when helmets hit, when he gets a black eye, or gets up holding his arm and the coach is asking if he's okay. But inside you are swelling with pride! You find yourself looking forward to it every night.
As for football on Sundays, over the years I have learned to accept it. After all, who doesn't enjoy an afternoon nap?

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