Sunday, February 27, 2011

A little bit of ramble...

So, this past week was an interesting one.
The weather has been yucky. I know that we live in Ohio, get used to it, but it is just not fun when it gets up to 60 one day and then school is cancelled the following week. I can handle winter until that first warm up.
On Tuesday, they decided to try delayed start for the first time. I am not sure how I feel about it. The kids didn't understand why they were going to school so late. They get to school just in time to eat lunch. There is no AM kindergarten which I also don't quite agree with. I guess if you going to delay school you might as well just cancel it, just my opinion.
Jacob was sent home from school on Wednesday. He had a fever. When I took him to the doctor, he was fine. But since there are so many things going around, he put him on an antibiotic to be safe. I kept him home Thursday just to be on the safe side. Then they cancel school on Friday, so he got a whole 5 hours of school in last week.
Basketball season is coming to a close for Jacob and Joshua. They have gotten so much better as the season went on. The more they play the more they will become confident in the sport. I am sad to see the season end but I am excited about next year. I am such a big baby, I tear up every time I watch them play.
Tyler got an electric guitar. I guess I really do not have to say anything else. He has been teaching himself, which is pretty cool. I have just learned for the most part to block out a lot of the noise that is coming from his room!
Isaiah has been, well...Isaiah. I have to register him for kindergarten next month. Where has it gone? I posted on Facebook what he said to me about staying little. He told me all I have to do is give him "little" pills. I sure wish I knew where to even find some "slow down time a little" pills!

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