Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I don't know if you will but I thought it was

Isaiah was going to the bathroom the other day and some how got a little "something" on his leg. When I went up there I asked him how it got there and he said, "Tyler pooped on my leg!" He still insists that it was Tyler even though Tyler was around. But it makes me wonder, not if Tyler did it, but who else has he said it to? Kids will tell you anything!
Joshua is funny too. I finally have him watching the Cavs with me again and most of the times he will root for them unless the team they are playing against happens to be wearing his favorite color of the day. The other night went the Cavs were playing the Celtics he was the best fan until the next day when he got upset with me then he tells me, "Mom, you know that team the Cavs played, they are my new favorite team!" All my hard work, down the drain!
This time change has messed up Jacob. He is usually the first one up before 6:30 every morning. The morning after the time change, he slept until 7:30 and when I woke him up he was surprised just thinking he slept in. The next morning, after sleeping until 7:30 again, he says, "Mom, I don't know what is wrong with me, I keep sleeping so late!" I don't see anything wrong, I like it.
Then there is Tyler, he can be a stinker too! I was sick in bed on Sunday. When I finally surfaced and came out of my room, I jokingly said to Tyler, "You're going to miss me when I'm gone." He nonchalantly says, "Yep, who's gonna do my laundry?" I guess I asked for it!

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