Monday, January 16, 2017

Again I wonder...

How can it be? Almost a year has gone by. So many things have changed but, I guess that is the way life goes.

We have decided to pull our kids out of their public school. It wasn't an easy decision. But, we felt it was in their best interest for at least a while. It is hard to watch your kids struggle and suffer. They told me they couldn't even raise their hand to ask a question without getting made fun of. I don't understand the bullying that goes on. 

Here we are, on MLK day, Facebook is filled with "love conquers all." Yes, I believe it does but will you feel that way tomorrow or better yet in 6 days when our country gets a new president? I am not pretending to have it all together because I don't but, if we all would love the way we say we should love then what a different place this world would be. What a difference it would make in the lives of those around around us, our children in particular. 

Bullying is real. I think it starts at home. I have seen a lot of adults acting in a way that is terrible. Your children are watching, every move every word...

Love is action and we should all practice it daily. Then, and only then, will we see a different world. I am guilty, I do not type this blameless. I need to look at people with love because God loves them, all of them. We are all the same in His eyes. 

Roman 3:23 says, "for all have sinned and fall short of the glory of God"

Proverbs 22:2 "The rich have a common bond, The LORD is the maker of them all."

I still have a long way to go, falling short every day...

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