Wednesday, July 31, 2013

It's almost over...

Summer that is!

Where did it go? So, much going on all the time...

Tyler has graduated high school. Where did that time go? He is starting college in a couple weeks. He has been working at the same place for three years. All the pushing and hard work pays off in the end, (or the start of a new chapter). Funny though, you think at eighteen they don't need you (hahaha) that boy would be lost without me! I am so proud of him.

Jacob, to know Jacob is to love him. He is as obnoxious as ever but he really is a big help. Whenever I need a favor, he is my first volunteer. If I need someone to go to the store with me, he hops in the car. We will find something he is passionate about someday, but until then, he will be Jacob.

Football season has started. What a craziness that brings to our lives! At the field by 5:30 on the field until 8:00. I love that Joshua puts his uniform on everyday though. It says a lot about him. As I watch him practice and run (and run some more) my heart is happy. He loves every minute of it and, yes I am gonna say it, so do I.

Isaiah is as ornery as ever. He is always into something. He is Macgyver Jr. these days. That is a scary thing but cute at the same time. He is going to grow up to be someone great, he has an awesome imagination! 

Bill has started blender nights on our new patio, strawberry daiquiris, pina coladas, or whatever you may prefer. Friday nights, at the "new cabana" Look for your invite if you haven't gotten one! I can't tell you how much I love my husband. He is a true gift from God and perfect for me. I don't say that because of his bar-tending skills, that is a bonus :) 

Just a quick update on our family, hope I stay inspired.

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