Thursday, December 23, 2010

I still believe in Santa Claus...

because as long as I believe the child in me will never die. I can't imagine losing the joy that this time of year brings.
Christmas is such a fun time of year. As I watch my kids and the happiness it brings them, I am reminded of my own childhood. Growing up we didn't have a lot but my parents always made Christmas special. There were always presents under the tree and when I look back now I have no idea how they did it. There were six of us and we were not disappointed. We knew the meaning behind the holiday but never lost the excitement of Santa. I remember the nights that I couldn't fall asleep anticipating the big day.
I hope that my kids always believe in Christmas. I hope that they know the true meaning behind the day. I hope that someday they will look back and remember how special Christmas is, not for the presents, but for the memories. Memories of the traditions we have, memories of family, memories of the feeling of awe when they walk down the stairs in the morning to see that Santa has been there.
I know one day Santa and all the gifts he brought will be a memory but I hope the one gift they always remember is the Baby in a manger. I hope they never forget the gift He brought with Him and gave to them...the Gift of Life, along with Peace that passes understanding, Hope for tomorrow, abundant Love and never ending Joy.
I wish you a very

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Cassie said...

Merry Christmas, My Friend!