Monday, September 13, 2010

Fishin' with Uncle Jon

Yesterday, Jon wanted to take the kids to a fishing derby. The kids like to, not so much...but if it meant spending time with Uncle Jon, how can you say no?

It actually was pretty nice. The weather was perfect. The kids got a little lesson on fishing and their own fishing pole.

Jacob getting the worm so Uncle Jon could put it on the hook.

Not mom!

Joshua patiently waiting.
Tyler and Jacob also patiently waiting.
Joshua's patience paid off for Fish #1!
Isaiah...could he have a bite?
Come on mom leave me alone!
No bite yet, but I'll pose with my dad!
Now what? Oh, another picture!
Jacob caught his first catch...some seaweed!
Tyler needed more worms cause he just kept drowning them
Oh no! Joshua's second fish got away!
Phew! He got it back!

I am not sure if that is dirt or worm guts but he wears it well!
Jacob's second catch...darn it! More seaweed!

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marcia said...

i love love love all the pictures. y'all are so cute. :-) ♥