Thursday, November 6, 2014

Mom, why do you double bag my lunch?

 Why do you double bag my lunch?
 I was asked that question the other day by 
my 12 year old. 
My answer simply, so the bag doesn't rip through and you lose 
your lunch.
 But really why do I double bag?
 I double bag to save him the embarrassment. I double bag to keep him from being laughed at. 
I double bag to protect him that is what it comes down to.
As I thought about it, I wondered, what if?
What if life had a double bagging system? 
Then, I could spare my kids of the hurt, pain, embarrassment, guilt, suffering they will face in this 
life. I wish at times I could double bag my own life. Just an extra layer of protection. When life starts to hurt and that first bag starts to rip you have the other to save your "lunch" from landing on the floor.
That would stop the embarrassment, wouldn't it? 
Then I thought there is another side of this. 
If we always double bag...
 How do we grow? 
How do we learn from mistakes?
 Worse yet, if we always double bag how can we expose whats on the inside? 
What a shame it would be to keep everything hid and not let anyone see our insecurities,
 and weaknesses? How would we ever have a sincere relationship if all they saw was the outside? 
It is through transparency we develop relationships. Letting people in letting them see the messy.
 Letting them know you are human.
I will probably continue to double bag my sons lunch to save him unnecessary embarrassment. 
Maybe at times, that second layer will save him from being laughed at. I hope someday, his bag rips
  letting everything inside falls out. 
How will he respond?
 How will others respond? 
When everything is out there for others to see, that is when the real person inside shows.
The relationships in my life have grown because I have exposed my hurts and insecurities.
 When people see that you have struggles, they can relate and do not feel alone. 
After all, isn't that is what life is about...
Building relationships and loving people; 
when it's not so pretty
when it's not easy
when their bag is tore... 

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